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 I NEED HELP WITH THE NEW SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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tw doom

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PostSubject: I NEED HELP WITH THE NEW SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:49 am

THIS IS DOOM AND I REEEEEEALLLY WANNA PLAY TEAM WAFFLE~but...when i search for the server it comes up with no matches that even relate to team waffle (i think) comes up with a server with a password, and i f anybody can help me that wouild much aprreciated......i either need to know the password, wich i even doubt is your server.....or, directions to helpo me get the new server. BTW IM SOORY FOR WHEN I WAS SPAWNING WEAPONS TOO MUCH, IT WAS MY FRIEND WHO FREAKING PLAYS ON MY ACCOUNT~, ill take care of it,,,and on the new server do i still get to be the same level....which is like 1523 or something, and admin too? cause i dont want all that hard work and effort to go to plz jiggle or anyone who reads this please please please help me i need it so i can play!!!!! TY

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